We don’t do things any old way. We do things the Amajoya way.



To be a surgeon, one needs to possess certain qualities, like a complex understanding of science, extreme precision, natural talent and a whole lot of passion. These same qualities are just as essential for a master confectioner. Fancy that.

It was just over twenty-five years ago that our founder, Jonathan, decided to follow his heart, (or was it was his sweet-tooth?) and train as a sweet-maker at Germany’s most prestigious confectionery school. A neurosurgeon, his doctor’s understanding of science and chemistry gave him a distinct edge.

On his return home to South Africa, he was able to craft and hone his recipes, using the finest ingredients to create distinctly different and delightful candy. With its unique textures and sumptuous, luxurious flavours, family and friends were impressed, and in 2010, the Amajoya artisanal confectionary company was born.



While we take our job very seriously, we know that play is a vital part of creativity. It’s fundamental to how we approach life and work.

It’s what keeps us joyful.

It’s what allows us the freedom to challenge norms and find fresh, innovative ways to create. Instinctively curious, we’re fascinated by the future and constantly inspired to dream big. We believe our business should always have a sense of fun. And if it doesn’t, it’s time to find a better way.


We know better than anyone how they’ll say something is impossible, until it is done. Relentlessly optimistic, we’re blessed with boundless energy and a can-do attitude. Our experience and inner belief has taught us to ignore cynics and go with our gut. Regardless of age, we’re youthful in approach, wise in execution.

We know that with the right outlook, anything’s possible.


We have passion and heart, a lot of it, and it can be seen through our acts of thoughtful generosity.

We’re all about sharing the joy.

Always wishing the best for colleagues, partners and you, our customer. Always looking for ways to spread the good. It’s the manifestation of our passion for people, joy and delicious creations, and it’s who we are.


We are consciously aware of our existence, and the impact we have the potential to make on the world.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.