What Sets Amajoya Apart From Other Candy Makers


We're all about adding more happiness – not only to life, but to the very idea of joy itself. Discover how our quality candy, sustainable processes, and strong values give us the edge.

Imagine spending years working as a neurosurgeon and deciding one day that, actually, you’d rather be making candy. That’s exactly what Amajoya founder Dr. Jonathan Lamprecht did. Just over 25 years ago, he decided to change his career, follow his heart, and pursue sweeter ambitions.

Fortunately, his years spent training and working as a neurosurgeon gave him a major advantage when it came to becoming a master confectioner. You wouldn’t necessarily think it, but these two vastly different fields have a lot in common: both require a complex understanding of science, extreme precision, natural talent and a whole lot of passion.

Dr. Jonathan spent time training as a sweet-maker at Germany’s most prestigious confectionery school. On his return home to South Africa, he crafted his quality candy recipes, using the finest ingredients to create distinctly different and delightful candy.

His candy’s unique textures and sumptuous, luxurious flavours impressed family and friends, and in 2010 the Amajoya artisanal confectionery company was born. Since then, Amajoya has aimed to bring joy to everyday moments.

We Look at a Bag of Candy and See Joy Waiting to Be Shared

We’re all about sharing the joy – with friends, colleagues, dads, moms, even strangers. That’s why we’ve dedicated our business to pursuing only the very best. No shortcuts on ingredients. No joy for the bad stuff. Only the finest, real-quality ingredients.

Our business is about adding that little bit more happiness – not only to life, but to the very idea of joy itself. Read on to learn more about what sets Amajoya apart, how candy is an essential part of our lives and a key component to happiness – and why you can feel good about it!

How Quality Sweets Bring More Joy to Life | Amajoya
How quality sweets add joy to your life (it’s science!). Plus, practical tips for increasing everyday joy – because we could all do with more of that!
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The Candy by Which All Others Are Judged

Dr. Jonathan invested much of his time and effort to create ‘the candy by which all others would be judged’. He studied in Germany and trademarked all his equipment, which laid the foundation for what smooth candy looks like today.

Working with German engineers, Dr. Jonathan developed unique technology to his exacting specifications.

Dr. Jonathan’s vision and expertise have enabled our industrial kitchen to produce a process unlike any other – the first of its kind in South Africa, and we believe, the world.

Nestled within a glossy candy shell, our exceptional fillings are deliciously creamy, sometimes surprisingly tart, and always supremely satisfying.

Discover more ways to enjoy Amajoya candies with our chocolate recipes and toffee recipe.

Amajoya candy recipe
Chocolate truffles rolled in Amajoya candy.

Amajoya Uses Only the Finest Ingredients

This is one of the biggest things that makes a difference when creating quality sweets. It’s not just about butter, but what kind of butter? It’s not just about chocolate – but what kind of chocolate?

Some of the premium ingredients used to create our candies include real butter, real quality dairy, and double-refined real cocoa powders.

Along with a rigorous quality-control process, Amajoya goes to great lengths to ensure that no artificial colourants or flavours are used.

Artificial colourants and food dyes can be unhealthy, and are often tested on animals. That’s why we use only natural colours, flavours and extracts.

We’re committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing and production methods.

We Value Good Values

In addition to knowledgeability and creativity, Amajoya believes in being memorable – emphasising the importance of authenticity, commitment and trust, as this is what makes a real impact on the lives of the people we serve.

We Have a Heart for People

Everything we do is about inspiring people to treat themselves, and others, better – rewarding customers with an experience that lingers more memorably in their mouths, in their minds and in their lives.

We’re Always Optimistic

In today’s world, it’s important to foster a positive approach; to care about our customers, the planet, the future, and our business. We are determined to focus on the upsides – it’s part of what makes us vibrant, playful and full of joy.

We’re Generous with Joy

From our authenticity to our genuine commitment to quality, our mission is to give people more than what’s expected and help create giving communities. Whatever joy is to you – that thing that gives you goosebumps – we call it #MyKindOfJoy.

We Believe in Being Helpful

Being helpful means that we put people first. It means that we strive to give everyone we serve something more unique than just a great product or place to work. We stress the details as much as we do the big picture.

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