5 Easy, Fun Party Pack Ideas for Kids Older Than Six

Julie Kynaston

Julie Kynaston, mom of three and founder of Heart Mama Blog, shares her tried and tested party pack ideas (that won't break the bank).

As a mom of three, it feels as though my life is a revolving door of family birthday celebrations. Just as one ends, the anticipation for the next one begins. First, it’s the 100-day countdown to the Big Day. Then, as the birthday approaches, there’s the flurry of arrangements that need to be made: the birthday treats for school, the gift shopping … and the pressure to come up with original and entertaining party pack ideas!

Parents across the country are feeling the pressure to make up for lost Lockdown birthdays. Some are going full throttle and inviting the whole class to their child’s party (and high fives to them for being so brave and taking this on!). The rest of us aren’t quite ready to rejoin the chaos of pre-Lockdown life and are opting for smaller, back-to-basics type parties like we had in the good old days.

I fall into the second category and although I started out with fully themed parties (think matching bunting and Pinterest-inspired décor and treats for my first child), I have reverted to a “playdate party” approach with a home-baked cake. Less stress but just as much fun.

When it comes to party planning, party packs are a contentious one: To party pack or not to party pack? Whatever your inclination, we’ve got a few tips to inspire.

Note that these party pack ideas are intended for kids aged older than six.

Party Pack Ideas
Party cup and colourful straw.

Tried and Tested Party Pack Ideas

1. Party Cup With Colourful or Twirly Straw

For my son’s soccer party last year, I bought a stack of good quality green plastic cups and wrote one child’s name on each with permanent marker before filling it with sweets and then added a fun straw.

The kids demolished the treats, then used the cups to pour themselves drinks at the party. Afterwards, I gave the cups a quick wash before the kids took the cups and straws home at the end of the party.

This is one of those party pack ideas that works really well if you're doing a themed party – give pirate cups with a bag of chocolate coins, for instance, or princess cups with a little tiara.

BONUS TIP: Make sure there is a bin nearby for the Amajoya candy wrappers!

2. Snack Pack

Instead of setting out a buffet table of treats and running the risk of the kids overindulging, why not gift each child with a snack pack when they arrive that includes their own set of treats for the party? This gives kids the freedom to eat all the snacks at the party or choose to keep some for home. I like to write each child’s name on the party box so that they can keep track of it and fill it with treats of their choice.

Although it’s quicker and easier to hit the shops without the kids, a fun tradition is to take the birthday girl or boy along for the party shop so that they can choose their favourite flavour of sweets, chips or cooldrink. It’s the little things that they remember.

I love popping Amajoya candy into the mix as they are delicious, individually wrapped – and kind on your pocket.

party pack ideas
Gift-a-sweet jar.

3. Gift-a-Sweet Jar

A big part of parenting is gently encouraging kids to think of others and to share what they have. Let them enjoy some treats while decorating and filling a jar with a selection of Amajoya candy that they can gift a friend, neighbour or teacher.

Think stickers, glitter, coloured cardboard notes and ribbons. Party activity – tick! Lesson in giving – tick!

4. Pinata Party Pack Idea

DIY your own pinata with paper mache and fill it to the brim with Amajoya candy. Towards the end of the party, bring out the blindfold and stick and let the kids work for their take-home treats. When the pinata breaks open, give each child a small bag to fill and take home.

There are lots of how-to videos available online to help you make your own pinata. Here’s one to try:

5. Bake Candy Cookies

This is a great activity for a small party group. Ask party guests to arrive in an apron, ready for some baking fun, and set up a baking station in your kitchen. Let the kids mix, roll and cut some butter cookies into shapes and then use a rolling pin to smash Amajoya candies in a sandwich bag.

Use the crushed sweets to decorate the dough and then get ready to enjoy a few hot cookies straight out of the oven. Keep some aside and create party packs for the kids to take home to share with their family.

Happy party prepping!

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