Moms, Here Are 8 Ways to Spoil Yourself

Aisha O'Reilly

As a mom, what do you really need? We asked mom and blogger Aisha O'Reilly to share her eight top "spoil yourself" ideas.

Ah, Mother’s Day. A day to honour mothers and mom figures in our lives. Yet, despite there being an abundance of Mother’s Day cards, gift ideas, and specials everywhere, many moms don’t get what they really want or need on the day. So, take matters into your own hands. While it’s ideal that your partner and kids are the ones to acknowledge and celebrate you, there’s someone else who can do that perfectly – you. Here are eight Mother’s Day ideas to get you started and make the day as joyful as it can be.

mother and daughter on mother's day
Being a mom is hard work – you deserve to spoil yourself!

1. Sleep and Rest

This tops the list because every parent, no matter how old their children are, could use a few more zzzs. Even if you have older kids who have no trouble sleeping, there’s still a house you need to manage and that’s tiring. Let your family know the day before that you will be unavailable the next morning so you can lie in bed uninterrupted. If you’re more of a napper, ask everyone to either leave the house for a couple of hours or to keep the noise down while you rest.

ADD MORE JOY: Make the experience a little more luxurious with this silk sleep mask from Woolworths.

2. Enjoy a Restaurant Meal

If you’re like the majority of women in South Africa, the oh-so-important-to-our-survival task of cooking and making sure everyone is fed is left to you. Monday to Sunday, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, of course. (Forget about the kids’ snacks at your peril!)

Whether you just wing it when you’re at the stove or you have a written meal plan, it can get exhausting always being the chef at home. Isn’t someone else’s cooking almost always tastier than our own? So, treat yourself to a meal or even just a coffee with a slice of cake at a café or restaurant.

It’s up to you if you go alone or invite someone along but doing it solo means you can finally book the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try with no objections from anyone else.

ADD MORE JOY: If your husband is up for it, ask him and the kids to whip up this delicious chocolate truffle recipe, rolled in Amajoya candy for extra tastiness.

3. Watch Something on the Big Screen

Think about it: when was the last time you watched something that you wanted to watch? Not something that’s child-friendly or what your partner prefers. This is your chance to watch the corniest or silliest movie without any eye rolls from your family.

Whether you invite a friend or take yourself on a date, watching a movie at the cinema is about the immersive experience the big screen gives us. It’s also an easy thing to do at home. Just be sure to let the family know you’re in control of the remote that day.

ADD MORE JOY: If you’re staying at home, check out this caramel popcorn recipe for your movie time snack.

4. Visit a Museum or Exhibition

If you’re into the more cultural side of things, use the day to visit an art gallery, exhibition, or museum. Thankfully, things have mostly returned to normal after the pandemic, and public venues are open again. We’re inundated with children’s talk, so this would be a welcomed way for you to activate another part of your brain.

ADD MORE JOY: On a budget? Check out this list of top free museums in Cape Town, and these free museum tours in Johannesburg.

mother and daughter visiting a museum on mother's day
Visit an art gallery, museum or exhibition (just the girls).

5. Book a Makeover

When taking care of everyone else, it’s really easy to leave ourselves at the bottom of the list. Whether you’ve just had a baby or your children are older and you’re in a style rut, a little makeover can spark some new energy in you.

If you always do your hair, go to the salon and try a new hairstyle. Even something as simple as a great manicure can make you feel amazing. If your wallet allows, why not get some new outfits to update your look? Our bodies change so much after having children and it can be tricky to find clothes that work with our new bodies.

Taking this time to try new styles and finding items that aren’t just mom-functional (think breastfeeding friendly or easy to clean) can make you feel special.

ADD MORE JOY: If you’re in need of a little inspiration, take a look at Aisha’s natural hair tips and styles.

6. Rediscover a Hobby

Another thing we tend to sacrifice when we become mothers is our little pleasures. Those fun activities that bring us joy or speak to our natural talents and passions. When we’re in the throes of motherhood and adulting, it’s easy to divert the time we spent on these activities to something else.

Is there something that you used to do that made you happy? Use this day to do it, just because you can. Have you always wanted to learn more about photography? Or how to arrange floral bouquets? Sign up for a class. Are you a bookworm but haven’t yet opened the book that’s been on your side table for months? Grab a blanket, find a cosy nook in your home and finally start reading it.

ADD MORE JOY: This also goes for everyday activities not just related to Mother’s Day ideas. Read our blog on “10 Easy Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life.”

mother's day ideas: rediscover a hobby
Rediscover a hobby like photography.

7. Find Joy in a Treat

Have a preference for yummy things to make you feel special? Don’t wait for someone else to get something for your sweet tooth. Sometimes, a small treat can go a long way and Amajoya’s range of quality sweets is a bit of joy and luxury all rolled into one bite-sized sweet.

And if you’d like a twist, try the full range of different flavours such as mint, strawberry and liquorice. Make it even more guilt-free and try the sugar-free ones.

ADD MORE JOY: Try our easy sticky toffee recipe using Amajoya candy.

8. Spa Day

Now, this is an obvious one but it’s tried, tested and recommended for a reason. There’s nothing quite like being taken care of by someone else. You do it for everyone else, so why not for yourself? The beauty of this is there’s no thought needed – just a choice of treatments. It’s the ultimate indulgence.

Whether you can only spare time and budget for a 30-minute massage or you’re able to spend the whole day at the spa, you’re bound to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. (Beware of this one, it can be addictive!)

Motherhood is one of the most demanding jobs in the world and sometimes it’s hard to delegate it to someone else, even for a moment. But whatever you can do for yourself, the better your family will be for it. The most important thing is for you to enjoy the day without guilt.

With the other 364 days a year that you’re spoiling everyone else, it’s safe to say that you’ve earned this one day, mama.

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