Irresistible Dreams Come True with the Dessert-Inspired Amajoya Candy Range

What's better than dessert? Dessert-inspired candy! Learn more about the new Amajoya candy range during our Q&A with Brand Manager Deneline Naidoo.

At Amajoya Candy, we take immense pride in producing delectable treats that bring joy to every palate. Our dedication to delivering extraordinary flavours has led us to create a new collection – our dessert-inspired range. To explore its origins, we chatted with Amajoya Brand Manager Deneline Naidoo, who has all the details on how these irresistible candy flavours came to be.

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Let’s dive into Deneline’s insights and get to the essence of Amajoya’s latest range. We invite you to discover the perfect blend of taste and joy that reflects #MyKindOfJoy.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the latest Amajoya candy range?

We set ourselves the goal of expanding our already exceptional range of smooth candies with unique and unexpected flavours. We wanted to focus on what sets Amajoya apart: not using flavours already on the market, but instead trying something new and inspirational. This led us to desserts.

Intrigued by the variety of flavours and textural experiences desserts provide, we explored the concept further. The result? Our range of dessert-inspired candies. They’re the perfect me-moment treat (or for sharing with others), offering something uniquely irresistible to the market.

How does this new range support Amajoya’s mission to bring joy to people’s lives?

Given its many shapes, flavours and forms, candy has been an essential treat throughout the ages. And if there’s one thing about Amajoya that stands out, it’s our ambition to inspire joy – one sensational candy at a time. To make candy that’s so good, it tastes the way joy feels.

Our new dessert-inspired range builds on this ambition by delivering even more joy through its very unique flavours and velvety melt-in-your-mouth centres.

People have the opportunity to create joy whenever they indulge in our dessert-inspired candy. They can share these delights with loved ones, making them ideal for quiet moments alone or special get-togethers. Like all the candy we produce, this new range inspires joy in every interaction.

What sets dessert-inspired Amajoya candy apart from other indulgent treats on the market?

While they have the same smooth Amajoya candy shell consumers have grown to love, they also feature truly unique flavours and rich melt-in-your-mouth centres. There’s no other hard-boiled candy with similar tastes on the market.

When is the perfect time to enjoy a new dessert-inspired Amajoya candy?

Although they’re perfect for those special me and sharing moments, the options are endless. It’s like your favourite dessert, just quicker and easier to enjoy! So, be sure to keep a secret stash nearby.

Our new dessert-inspired candy can be enjoyed after a long day of work, with a cup of tea once the kids are asleep, as an irresistible post-dinner treat with friends, or as a sweet end to a family lunch – the choice is yours.

With so many decadent delights to choose from, how did you choose the five dessert-inspired flavours?

We had many ideas to choose from, but ultimately our taste ambassadors identified the best-of-the-best concepts. And who could be better ambassadors than our Amajoya community? We’re always open to hearing your thoughts on new and exciting flavours. You never know: you might just see your favourite dessert-inspired candy in stores next!

How does the packaging design for the dessert-inspired range complement the flavours and theme?

Amajoya’s beloved design language strongly influenced our new range’s look – but with a twist. We paid tribute to the desserts that inspired the range with beautiful images and gave the nod to our roots by including a swirl and trio of candies – motifs present on our classic packaging.

Unlike the original Amajoya range, we chose specific colours with a matt appearance to differentiate the distinct flavours within the range. Rose gold edges add the finishing touch. We wanted the packaging to feel inspirational!

Amajoya Candy Brings Irresistible Dessert Dreams to Life

Indulge in the delights of dessert-inspired Amajoya candy to experience #MyKindOfJoy. From the luscious allure of Red Velvet to the nutty indulgence of Hazelnut Praline, each flavour is a testament to the confectionery passion that makes Amajoya so exceptional.

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