How Quality Sweets Bring More Joy to Life


We take you on a journey of how quality sweets can add more joy to your everyday life (it's science!). We’ve also thrown in a few practical tips for adding joy to your life – because we could all do with a bit more of that, right?

Quality sweets and good times naturally go hand in hand. But did you know there’s science to back this up, too?

Of course there is plenty of candy on offer that cannot be called high quality, thus candy and health concerns are often placed in the same category. But, like Amajoya candy, there are exceptions to this.

We’re here to show you that confectionery can be healthier and more joyful than you ever realised.

Especially if the candy is made with really good ingredients and top notch processes, which also help in allowing you to practice portion control (this is something Amajoya has made easier thanks to individually wrapped candies).

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey of how quality sweets can help to add more joy to your everyday life. We’ve also thrown in a few more general practical tips for adding joy to your life – because we could all do with a bit more of that, right?

Read on to learn how candy is an essential part of our lives and a key component to happiness – and why you can feel good about it!

Couple in car with Amajoya sweets
Sunset drives made even joyful with Amajoya quality candy.

Quality Sweets and Your Brain

You may have instinctively picked up that candy has a way of making you feel better. Well, we have the science to back it up. While some people don’t believe in it, science begs to differ. Research shows that candy has a noticeable effect on the brain.

Candy happiness is a real thing and there are many health benefits to enjoying candy every once in a while.

Candy and sweet treats are linked to some of life’s happiest and most memorable moments. On birthdays, we eat cake and cupcakes. On hot summer days, we love to go for a trip to the beach, walking hand-in-hand with a delicious ice-cream. Easter brings with it the Easter Bunny and a whole basket of quality sweets like chocolates, toffees, candies and other sweet treats.

These are just a few of the times when candy and sweet treats are a celebratory part of our lives.

A Quick Lesson in Sweets Science

In our brains, candy and sweet treats are linked to reward and celebration. We naturally associate candy with positive feelings like joy, love, happiness, comfort, friendship and family.

Even when we’re not celebrating anything, eating a piece of candy releases those feel-good chemicals in our brains that bring us a much-needed moment of bliss in our otherwise busy lives.

When you eat candy, it goes into your stomach where it quickly enters the bloodstream. Once in your bloodstream, it doesn’t take long to reach your brain. There, it works its magic to activate the brain’s reward system – called the mesolimbic dopamine system.

Dopamine is a brain chemical released by neurons and can signal that an event was positive. When the reward system fires, it reinforces behaviours — making it more likely for us to carry out these actions again.

In addition to releasing dopamine in the brain, sweet treats also release endogenous opioids. These are responsible for the wonderful surge of pleasure you feel when you eat good candy. Isn’t chemistry sweet!

Benefits Of Eating Good Candy

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and apparently so does a little candy. That said, all things in moderation.

Luckily, there’s also plenty of evidence to support that moderate candy consumption can actually boost your wellbeing in a number of ways.

Anyone with a sweet tooth already knows how quality sweets and chocolates can reduce stress and improve your mood. However, feeling happy, relaxed and motivated aren’t the only benefits of eating candy. There are physical health benefits as well.

Studies show that certain quality sweets like chocolate improve mood, lower stress levels, and decrease your risk of heart disease. Other types of sweets contain antioxidants, which can help your body slow down the fastest-growing types of cancer.

quality sweets

Amajoya Candy Only Contains the Best Quality Chocolate

We take the word ‘joy’ very seriously. That means stacks of joy for all things good and healthy, and no joy for the bad stuff.

One of the biggest things that sets Amajoya apart from other candies is the quality of ingredients used. It’s not just about butter, but what kind of butter? It’s not just about chocolate, but what kind of chocolate?

Amajoya gives more joy to the good stuff than any other part of the sweet-making process. Some of the premium ingredients used for making our candy includes real butter, real quality dairy, and real cocoa.

Our cocoa is double refined and imported from one of the world’s best suppliers of premium cocoa powders.

Along with premium ingredients, Amajoya goes to great lengths to ensure that no artificial colourants or flavours are used. Artificial colourants and food dyes can be unhealthy, and are often tested on animals. That’s why we use only natural colours, flavours and extracts.

Everything we do is to inspire people to treat themselves, and others, better – rewarding them with an experience that lingers more memorably in their mouths, in their minds and in their lives.

Sweet Fact:

Cacao refers to the raw material: the cacao beans that are harvested from the cacao tree. Cocoa is created after the beans are finely ground into a powder and roasted, and can be consumed as a drink or blended with milk, cocoa butter and cacao to make chocolate.

When You Choose Quality Candy, You’re Supporting Sustainability

When making quality candy, it’s not simply a case of adding butter and dairy together. At Amajoya, we follow a secret recipe, ensuring that the entire process is more in line with environmental practices that care for people and the planet.

Our trusted suppliers are carefully vetted and selected because of their quality standards and sustainability beliefs to stock our kitchen with a consistent source of good quality ingredients.

To create a product overflowing with joy, one needs to select sustainable ingredients that can provide a customer sustainable experience. This means no hydrogenated fats, real ingredients, and natural colourants.

What Sets Amajoya Apart From Other Sweet Makers?
Amajoya is all about adding more happiness – to life and to the very idea of joy itself. Discover how our quality candy and strong values give us the edge.
Amajoya range of sweets

How Quality Sweets Bring Joy to All Occasions

Whether you’re hosting a party or celebrating special days like Easter, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween, part of the joy is putting together unique DIY candy treats. There’s a lot of creativity to be had with sweets. Don’t settle for boring store-bought gift ideas.

From candy shakes and sticky toffee tarts to broken-glass jelly and loaded brownies – the world of candy is yours to explore.

4 Easy Delicious Recipes for Easter With Amajoya Candy
We asked foodie Lorna Spacey of @life.with.lorna to create four unique sweet recipes for Easter. The creative twist? Each treat has a dose of Amajoya candy.
Amajoya chocolate Balls

Mother’s Day is one particular day where candy comes in handy. Because moms deserve all the joy they can get!

While mothers deserve to be celebrated every day, Mother’s Day allows families to shower the moms in their lives with gifts and affection to show appreciation, and what could be a sweeter way to show you care than with candy?

Easy Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life

Joy is all around us. Here are some of the simplest everyday ways that you can bring more joy to your life as well as to those around you.


Yes, it’s true – fake smiling can boost your mood. Scientists have documented that smiling releases dopamine and serotonin in the brain, both sparking a feeling of happiness. So, even if you’re not happy – just smile. The simple act of pulling your mouth into the shape of a smile can make you feel joy and turn that frown upside down.


Exercise isn’t just good for the body, it’s also great for putting you in a good mood. When people are happier outside of work, they report greater happiness in their work. Therefore, driving happiness through exercise impacts a sense of joy, contentment and health across the work-life experience.

Get enough sleep

Most of us don’t get enough sleep these days. Or worse, when we do sleep – it’s not quality sleep (in other words, continuous sleep). So how much is enough sleep? Doctors recommend at least seven hours every day. But preferably eight hours. And you should go to bed the same time every night, and not eat or drink things that could keep you up and disrupt your sleep cycle.

Pay it forward

Sharing a moment of joy is good for your health too. Because giving back is as good for you as the person that receives your gift. Paying joy forward gives you a purpose, and when you have a purpose-driven life – you’re happier.

Pop an Amajoya

As mentioned above, eating candy triggers your brain to release dopamine – the chemical that makes you happy. It’s simple sweets science.

Need a little pick me up during those late nights at work?

Choose Amajoya’s Quality Sweets for Better Everyday Moments

When it comes to sweets, never say never. Candy has a lot of health and mental benefits, and it also tastes delicious. And thanks to science, we now know that quality sweets prompt your brain to release endorphins such as serotonin.

Fact: candy doesn’t deserve a bad rap. Quality sweets are good for your mind, body, and mood!

Ever since Amajoya was founded in 2010, we have been putting smiles on people’s faces across South Africa with our quality candy.

Learn more about Amajoya’s quality sweets range here.

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