5 Budget-friendly Ways to Pamper Yourself in Winter

Khalipha Ntloko

Motivational blogger Khalipha Ntloko shares her top tips on how to pamper yourself when the chilly weather is starting to get you down.

When winter is in full swing we tend to bundle up and hang out in the great indoors. After a beautiful South African summer, the chillier weather might end up making you feel a little under the weather (pardon the pun). All the more reason to pamper yourself, we say!

Here are our top tips for giving yourself some TLC during winter.

comfy bedroom for winter

1. Turn Your Bedroom Into Sleep Heaven

There’s great power in having a good night’s sleep; you give your body the chance to naturally reset itself so that you’re fresh and revitalised for the next day. But during winter, you might find that your sleep pattern changes as you spend more time indoors more and become less active.

Here are a few ideas for turning your bedroom into sleep heaven, so that it becomes a place that is calming and non-disruptive for you.

  • Invest in winter-brushed bedding for a cosier feel when sleeping.
  • Buy an electric blanket if you want something warmer for the colder nights.
  • Give your bedroom a thorough declutter and clean so your space looks and feels like heaven for you.

And if you need help winding down, create a relaxing routine to help you get some real rest:

  • 30 minutes before you go to sleep, light some scented candles (use lavender to help put your mind and body at ease)
  • Enjoy a hot cup of camomile tea for relaxation
  • Skip checking your phone so you can easily slip into a quality good night’s sleep
pamper yourself at-home spa

2. Pamper Yourself With an At-home Spa

Winter weather can be rather harsh on the skin. With cold, dry air, your skin might need a little more help than usual with staying moisturised. Mask up with a hydrating face sheet or buy a face mist for instant hydration whenever your skin feels dry. The best part about giving your skin some extra love during winter is that it’s an inexpensive treat for yourself but the results will have you glowing until summer!

One easy and cost-effective way of pampering yourself is to create an at-home spa:

  • Create an aromatherapy effect in your shower by placing fresh eucalyptus leaves around your feet and turning on the hot water.
  • Soak yourself in a hot bubble bath with some essential oils. Lavender is great for relaxation.
  • Pick up a few body care products, like scrubs, exfoliants and body butters, to leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished for that “I just went to the spa” feeling.
toffee apple recipe

3. Indulge in Something Sweet

Winter is the perfect season for a warm, hearty meal that we get to enjoy while cosied up at home. But don’t forget to treat yourself to something sweet, too. Whether it’s malva pudding or a couple of Amajoya toffees, you deserve a spoil.

If you’re keen on making something sweet at home, try our Homemade Toffee Apple Recipe with Amajoya Candy for the perfect winter treat, or our 4 Chocolate and Toffee Recipes.

buy yourself flowers

4. Buy Yourself a Gift

While you don’t necessarily need a reason to buy yourself something nice, use the colder months of winter to intentionally buy yourself a pick-me-up. It doesn’t have to be something expensive – if you’re trying to save money, shop the secondhand stores or the Salvation Army. You can also wait for the end-of-winter sales if you’ve had your eye on something special.

Buying yourself fresh flowers is also a simple but very effective way to add a bit of sunshine to a grey day. Make this a bi-weekly or monthly spoil for yourself, and choose a different plant or floral arrangement each time to jazz things up in your space.

Look out for these flowers in particular as they bloom in winter:

  • Snapdragons
  • Tulips
  • Gladioli
pamper yourself with a staycation

5. Plan a Mini Staycation

Winter can be a great time to take advantage of discounts and specials on accommodation. If you can’t afford a major weekend away, pamper yourself by looking for budget-friendly deals in your city. See your city anew like a tourist, and indulge in local attractions on offer. Enjoy a delicious meal for dinner, do some sightseeing, or visit a museum. However you choose to spend your “weekend away”, make sure that you focus on all the things that you enjoy!

Pampering yourself during the winter season doesn’t have to be a major splurge. Sometimes, it’s the simple things – like buying yourself a packet of Amajoya candy – that can make all the difference. Winter might mean that you’re spending more time indoors, but you can use this time to simply pamper yourself and add joy in your life, even when the mood is blue.


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