10 Family Fun Things to Do This Festive Season


The festive season can be overwhelming. Amajoya is here to help with 10 family fun ideas to bring everyone together.

As summer slowly unveils its sun-kissed face, people begin to plan their festive holidays and reunions. We can easily get lost in all the manic preparation and people-pleasing that comes with arranging the perfect festive season. So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 10 family-fun things to do that are bound to please and entertain everyone – like that extra bit of tinsel at the party.

festive season dessert
South African malva pudding makes the perfect festive season dessert.

1. Create a Festive Dessert Menu

Nothing screams end-of-year celebrations like the delicious food we devour during the festive season. You cannot create the perfect meal without including delightful desserts. This year, our mouths are watering at the idea of making, eating and sharing our Amajoya recipes. Here are a few to try, all made with Amajoya candy or toffee:

Fresh family
Fresh family fun in the park

2. Add Fun to Fresh Air

After what always feels like a long winter, we want to get outdoors and revel in the sun during our festive season holidays. Since not all of us are near a beach or hiking trails, why not come up with an outdoors-focused family bucket list? Be sure to include activities that each member of the family will enjoy. We have a few favourites:

  • Little Street Artists. Bring out all the colourful chalk and turn your driveway or sidewalk into a giant canvas. You can choose themes, play Pictionary, or wing it and freestyle.
  • Spot the Constellations. Use a guide to stargazing which allows the whole family to partake in creating a sky journal. You can download a stargazing app or print a constellation map to help uncover all the universe’s magic.
  • Camp Without Tents. Create a camping atmosphere by lighting a bonfire, making s’mores (get creative and use Amajoya toffees instead of chocolate), telling fun or spooky stories, and creating characters by making shadow puppets.
  • Glow in the Dark Party. Instead of sparklers, opt for glowsticks this year. Enjoy a night of music and dancing while everyone glows in the neon lights.
Amajoya candy
Amajoya candy is perfect for DIY gifts.

3. Prepare DIY Gifts

If you and your family enjoy celebrating Christmas, then get the whole family to make customised presents. Watch this video for 10 festive DIY ideas in which the entire family can partake. Make it more special for the little ones by preparing creative gifts with yummy bites. These family fun pockets of goodness are suitable for all ages and make for a lovely and tasty addition under the Christmas tree this year.

road trip
Take a family road trip – don’t forget to pack Amajoya candy for snacks

4. Enjoy a Road Trip

The holidays are a time to spend with family and create precious memories that we will cherish forever. Road trips are a terrific way of connecting with the whole family – kilometres and windy roads with music, sing-a-longs, fun pitstops, and your favourite Amajoya snacks. You don’t need to go far to enjoy the magic of the road. A trip to a picnic spot, a ride along the coast, or a drive to a beautiful viewpoint can be just as memorable as a cross-country adventure.

Best Family Road Trips in South Africa | Amajoya
Julie Kynaston, the founder of Heart Mama Blog, takes us on a cross-country journey. Here are her top tips for the best road trips in South Africa.
Family trips
Photo booths
Photo booths make for hilarious family fun.

5. Create Your Own Photo Booth

Photo booths are great for the whole family! Choose an appropriate holiday background, and use ornaments and dress-up costumes. Go all out and add extra props like a selfie frame and a moustache on a stick. Everyone can have a turn in the booth and take home tons of hilarious photos, many of which are sure to find their way onto the front of fridges as a reminder of family fun times.

family time with Amajoya candy
You deserve a little relaxation during the festive season.

6. Schedule a Family Pamper Day

One thing we seem to neglect during the summer months is our skin. It is tedious to follow our usual skincare routines while on holiday. Following the rules is the last thing we want to do while on vacation, so why not make the process fun? We advise turning it into a pamper day(s). This summer, create your own spa experience for the whole family (dads too!) in the comfort of your home.

  • Make heavenly healthy smoothies with fresh ingredients stacked with vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Enjoy hydrating fruit platters with mixed berries, watermelon, bananas, litchis, and other summer fruit.
  • Keep your face fresh with homemade rejuvenating face masks. They are easy to make, cruelty-free, and contain zero chemicals. Face masks can open pores, diminish fine lines, firm the skin, and award an even skin tone.
  • Finish the experience with tasty toffees and treats to round off the occasion with a sweet ending.
family treasure hunt
Organise an Amajoya treasure hunt.

7. Hold a Memorable Treasure Hunt

Organise an Amajoya treasure hunt with our new Peanut Butter Flavoured Toffees and milkshake-flavoured Toffee Chews. Draw a map, and give the kids scrumptious clues about where to find their favourite flavours hidden in secret spots around the garden.

night of karaoke
Everyone loves a night of karaoke!

8. Organise a Game Night With a Festive Twist

Get everyone together for a night of games, family fun, and laughter. There’s always a bit of healthy competition in every family, and what better way to channel that energy than with a game night? It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to bring old and young together. Here are some entertaining ideas for a family game night:

  • Human Festive Tree. Choose one (or more) person to be the tree, let family members decorate them, and take a photo. These silly photographs will be a great reminder of a beautiful time spent together.
  • Who am I? Use sticky notes with famous characters and place them on each player’s foreheads. Players must guess who they are by only asking yes or no questions about their characters.
  • Charades. This is an old-time family favourite. Write Christmas-related items, movies, and characters on pieces of paper. Split into teams, have one player go up, act out what is written on the paper, and have their teams guess the answer.
  • Karaoke. This isn’t a game but an absolute blast for the whole family. Often the poorest performances provide the most outstanding entertainment value.
frisbee outdoor fun with family
Teach the kids how to play Frisbee golf.

9. Let the Championship Begin!

Picnics are a great way to get fresh air, bond with family and friends, destress, and absorb vitamin D. Elevate this year’s picnic experience by turning it into a family championship. Split into teams and prepare for a day of activities leading to the ultimate picnic champions:

  • Water Balloon Dodgeball. Cool down on a hot summer’s day using water balloons instead of playground balls in this fun version of dodgeball.
  • Frisbee Golf. Set up like a course and use plastic baskets instead of “holes” and Frisbees instead of “golf balls.”
  • Basket Relay. Fill two baskets with all your desired goodies. In a relay fashion, have teams run a stretch with their baskets, unpack them, set up the picnic, eat a delicious Amajoya candy of their choice, and repack the picnic basket as quickly as possible.

Love is the gift that keeps on giving, and one of the most incredible ways to celebrate the festive season is with our loved ones. There is no sweeter present than the love of family. May your celebrations be blessed with precious moments, loving embraces, an Amajoya kind of joy, and mostly, with love.


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