The magic of Amajoya’s candies and toffees is in their craftsmanship.

Each delightful sweet offers a truly joyful experience.

Confectionery so good, it tastes the way joy feels.

You call it
  • Me Time
  • Us Time
  • Our Time
  • Happy Time


Amajoya was founded in 2010 by Dr. Jonathan Lamprecht, who had a passion for candy – but only the very best kind.

As a neurosurgeon, his understanding of science and chemistry – along with a devotion to precision – gave him a distinct edge to develop candies and toffees of exceptional quality. These are the very same qualities required to be a master confectioner.

Following his exacting nature, his pursuit of quality took him to the very limits of crafting the finest confectionery, always searching for ways to bring more joy to life.

Selecting only the finest ingredients, he created the perfect smooth candy shell, the creamiest toffees, the most delicious centres. Each bite, adding more joy to those special everyday moments.


We don’t do things just any way.
We do it our special Amajoya way.


Experience more joy – one delicious candy at a time.

Our products are packed with all the quality and care to make everyday moments more extraordinary.

Amajoya Uses Real Dairy Amajoya Uses Real Cocoa Amajoya's Confectionery is Free of Non-Nutritive Sweeteners Amajoya's Confectionery is Free of Trans Fats Amajoya's Confectionery is Gluten Free Amajoya's Confectionery has Sugar Free Alternatives Amajoya's Confectionery is Halaal Certified


When we look at candy, we see more than just sweets.
We see a happy moment, waiting to be embraced.

Using only the finest ingredients, Amajoya is made with more.
Real butter, real dairy.
And, where possible, natural flavours and colourants.

Candy so good, you can’t help but share the joy.


Quality, flavour, convenience – it’s the little things that count.
Especially when they all add up.

Amajoya encourages us to invite more joy into our everyday lives, and share more joy with each other.

Because, in the end, it’s all about creating the kind of quality that touches people’s lives and hearts in ways that other confectionery can’t.


To further our commitment to crafting joy, we’re also proudly British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited – the most rigorous third-party certification of its kind.

The certification assures adherence to the highest standards. This includes critical areas such as Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points (HACCP), and also hygiene, factory environment, food safety and quality management systems.

This means it was crafted in the best possible way: 
the Amajoya way.

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