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The Amajoya confectionery company was born in 2010.

Amajoya was founded by Dr. Jonathan Lamprecht, a neurosurgeon who decided to follow his heart to become a master confectioner.

The state-of-the-art Amajoya factory is situated in Atlantis, Cape Town. 
We’re all about sharing the joy with friends, colleagues, dads, moms – even strangers. That’s why we’ve dedicated our business to pursuing only the very best. No shortcuts on ingredients. Only the finest, real-quality ingredients.

At Amajoya, our confectionery range consists of more than 30 different kinds of sweets. Our Candy Range comes in various flavours, from butterscotch to liquorice, mixed fruit, and everything in between. Original, mint and peanut butter flavours are only some of our Toffee Range’s taste sensations. On top of that, we also offer creamy milkshake-flavoured Toffee Chews, a dessert-inspired Candy Range, sugar-free candy alternatives and value packs.

Some of the premium ingredients used to create our toffees and candies include real butter, real quality dairy, and double-refined real cocoa powders.
Oh yes! Only the finest, most delicious real cocoa is used to create Amajoya toffees and candies.
Cacao refers to the raw material: the cacao beans that are harvested from the cacao tree. Cocoa is created after the beans are finely ground into a powder and roasted.
Amajoya uses the healthier sugar alternative – isomalt.
Of course! We still use only the very best ingredients in our sugar-free candies, and even though they contain no sugar, you'd never guess it. They're just as tasty as their alternatives.
Working with international manufacturers, Dr. Jonathan developed unique technology to his exacting specifications. His vision and expertise have enabled our joyful candy kitchen to produce a process unlike any other.

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