Mixed Fruit Candy

Smooth, sugar-free Amajoya solid blackcurrant, raspberry and orange flavoured candies

Revel in a medley of sweet and tangy notes with these translucent purple, red and orange fruity sweets.

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Amajoya Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Flavoured Candy
  • Flavour:  Fruit (Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Orange)
  • Filling Flavour:  None (Solid)
  • Packaging Size:  75 g
  • Wrapping:  Individually Wrapped (Portion Control)
  • Allergens:  None
  • Caution:  Choking hazard – especially for children under the age of 6;  Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Isomalt  ·  Acidifying Agents (E270, E325)  ·  Flavourings  ·  Colourants (E160a, E163)  ·  Sucralose (Non-Nutritive Sweetener)

NUTRIENT: Per 100 g: Per 8 g
(2 x Sweets):
Energy 698 kJ 56 kJ
Protein <0,3 g 0 g
Glycaemic Carbohydrate <0.5 g 0 g
            Of Which Total Sugar 0,1 g 0 g
Total Fat <0,1 g 0 g
            Of Which Saturated Fat <0,1 g 0 g
Dietary Fibre <0,5 g 0 g
Total Sodium 6 mg 0 mg
Polyols 87,1 g 7 g

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