To be a surgeon, one needs to possess certain qualities, like a complex understanding of science, extreme precision, natural talent and a whole lot of passion. These same qualities are just as essential for a master confectioner. Fancy that.

It was just over twenty-five years ago that our founder, had decided to leave his career in neurosurgery. Jonathan, decided to follow his heart, (or was it his sweet-tooth?) and train as a sweet-maker at Germany’s most prestigious confectionery school. His doctor’s understanding of science and chemistry gave him a distinct edge.

On his return home to South Africa, he was able to craft and hone his recipes, using the finest ingredients to create distinctly different and delightful candy. With its unique textures and sumptuous, luxurious flavours, family and friends were impressed, and in 2010, the Amajoya artisanal confectionary company was born.



Today, we have the biggest, most modern machinery, designed and modified for Amajoya alone. Jonathan worked with German manufacturers to develop unique technology to his exacting specifications. His vision and expertise have enabled our industrial kitchen to produce a depositing process unlike any other, the first of its kind in SA, and we believe, the world. Ensconced within a glossy candy shell our assortment of exceptional fillings are deliciously creamy, sometimes surprisingly tart, and always supremely satisfying.



Our obsession with quality means that we’re proudly British Retail Consortium (BRC) Accredited. The most rigorous third-party certification of its kind, it assures adherence to the highest standards in critical areas such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), hygiene, factory environment, food safety and quality management systems. Which means you can enjoy every Amajoya moment with complete piece of mind.

We pride ourselves on our vast collection of the finest, most indulgent sugar and sugar-free candy.

Their magic is in their craftsmanship. Each one, a delightfully joyful experience. Each one a luxury. Each one, the perfect little indulgence.